Join us Tuesday, February 28th at 8:00pm for an informative session with Micha Feldmann of SELAH, sponsored by the CBS Israel Committee.

Since 1970, Micha Feldmann has worked for the Jewish Agency and other organizations on immigration and absorption.

Currently Micha serves as the director of the Ethiopian department within SELAH — the Israel Crisis Management Center, an organization that takes care of new immigrants from Ethiopia and the FSU, who were stricken by tragedy.

Micha speaks Amharic fluently and knows virtually every Ethiopian family in Israel — he has come to be known as “Abba Micha.”

Although he has devoted his life to bringing the Ethiopian Jews to Israel and to helping them in their absorption into Israeli society, in 1994 Micha spent four months in Rwanda assisting over 100,000 refugees to return home from neighboring countries.

Monday, February 6th at 8:00pm

Rabbi Will Berkovitz, Beth Shalom member and Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Family Service, will provide us with an update JFS’s program and stance on refugee resettlement.

This is a follow up for our community to the Jewish Rally for Refugees on Thursday, February 2nd.

There will be time for questions and conversation about the impact of the current political situation, including Executive Orders from the White House regarding travel and immigration by individuals from certain countries.

Will Berkovitz  

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