Join us on Thursday, 7/11, 7:30-9:00pm to wish Rabbi Borodin a nesiya tova – a good trip and a good Sabbatical year.
RSVP by 7/8 to and we’ll give you the address.

Join Rabbi Borodin for learning and conversation about living in imperfect relationships. Explore the practice of teshuvah for repairing and going forward in the complexity of relationship.

There is no charge for Shabbat learning.

Exploring the Torah and Haftarah Readings for Rosh Hashanah with Rabbi Borodin

No Charge

What messages do they bring about the challenges of relationships and renewal?  Why did the rabbis pick them as our Rosh Hashanah readings?  How do they deepen our holiday experience?


Yom Tov Services and Yizkor

9:30am-12:15pm – Full morning service including Yizkor

11:00am – Kids Cooking Program for K-5th graders
Younger children may participate with an adult

12:15pm – Kiddush Lunch at CBS

Yom Tov Services

9:30am-12:15pm – Full morning service

11:00am – Program for children, K-5th grade

12:30pm – Dairy Potluck Picnic at View Ridge Playfield (4408 NE 70th St)

7:00pm     Taste of Torah: Learn about the Torah and See it Unrolled Before You.
Hear pieces of Torah from throughout the Five Books read to us by this year’s 6th grade B’nai Mitzvah cohort as Marci Greenberg
and Rabbi Borodin share interesting details about the Torah.  For all ages.

8:00pm     What is the Relationship Between Revelation and  Caring for the Other?  How Being a Person of Faith Inspires  Your Treatment of the Other – A Conversation between Rabbi Jill Borodin, Minister Beth Chronister of UUC, and Afshan Khan, an active member of the Muslim community. Facilitated by Rabbi Will Berkovitz, CEO of JFS Seattle.

8:00pm     Cooking program for Youth – Meet in the kitchen.

9:00pm     Light Candles and Break the Fast of Ramadan with our Muslim neighbors.

9:10pm      Maariv and Kiddush (Sanctuary) and Muslim Prayers (Beit Midrash).

9:20pm     Dinner and Round Table Conversation.  Join CBS members, members of University Unitarian Church and the Omar Farooqh Mosque for food  and facilitated conversations about one’s own practices of revelation and connecting with others. Texts from each of the three faiths to be provided.  Tables for teens and adults.
There’s no charge for the dinner or Leil Tikkun, but please let us know you’re coming.  RSVP here or contact Lauren at (206)524-0075.

10:30pm   Cheesecake Bakeoff *

11:00pm   The Jewish Philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas on Relationship  with Rabbi Rubin and Shelly Crocker

12:00am   A Little (And It Happened At Mid-) Night Music with Carl Sayres. Some of the most powerful moments in the bible happened at midnight (“Vayehi ba-Chatzi ha-Laiylah”), as told in the piyyut Karev Yom. Come sing with us as we try to discover some of the secrets hidden in the music of the night.

1:00am      Exploring Ruth and Revelation through Visual and Rabbinic Medrash with Rabbi Borodin

2:00am     The book of Ruth and Jewish Notions of Hospitality with Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

3:00-dawn     The Rebellious Son – an examination of rabbinic reasoning and how to transform an unpleasant concept  with
Rabbi Emily Kapor-Mater

4:01am      Dawn Minyan

Shavuot morning services Day 1 on May 31st begin at 9:30am
Shavuot morning services Day 2 and Yizkor on June 1st begin at 9:30am

Join us in the tradition of studying Pirkei Avot between Passover and Shavuot — each Shabbat afternoon, Saturdays, April 22nd thru May 27th, 7:00pm. No Charge.

This program will be held in the homes of Beth Shalom members. Contact the office by the Thursday before each Shabbat to receive host addresses.

April 22nd:    Taught by Rabbi Borodin, hosted in her home

April 29th:    Taught by Tal-Chen Rabinowitch, hosted in her home

May 6th:        Taught by Beth Huppin, host by Lauren Kurland and Scott Cohen

May 13th:      Taught by Rabbi Rubin hosted by Andrew Cohen and James Packman

May 20th:     Taught by Rabbi Emily Kapor-Mater, host TBA

May 27th:      Taught by Danielle Nacamuli, hosted in her home


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