with Shira Orzech

Want to get more out of the Torah service and/or learn to chant from the Torah? Then this is the course for you! In addition to a melodic overview of the Torah trope system, we will study the functions of the trope marks as punctuation and their role in accurate pronunciation. You will have the opportunity to learn a short Torah reading and practice leyning (chanting) from the Torah scroll. Ability to read Hebrew phonetically is required.

Time: Wednesday nights, 7:00-8:00PM
Dates: October 10-November 14 (6 sessions)
Cost: $60/Members; $90/Non-members

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with Sasha Lurje

The a cappella ballad is not a form of Yiddish song that many people are familiar with, but in fact this was an essential part of the repertoire in former times. These old songs tell stories of the every day and the exceptional, and help us put our own struggles and challenges in the context of our ancestors’ experience. There is a beautiful and nuanced style in which these songs were originally sung, quite different from the shtick and schmaltz of the more popular Yiddish theater songs. In this workshop, participants have a chance to learn from one of the few singers in the world specializing in this material and learn some material they are unlikely to encounter anywhere else, and also get an overview of the singing style that makes these songs so intimate, personal and touching.

Sasha Lurje is one of the leading voices in the contemporary Yiddish scene, and has performed and taught at festivals including KlezKanada, Yiddish Summer Weimar, Krakow Jewish Culture Festival, St. Petersburg KlezFest and many others. Growing up speaking Slavic and Baltic languages, she has a unique ‘old world’ perspective on this repertoire, and perhaps this is part of why she has become one of the only specialists in Yiddish lyric songs and ballads. See more about Sasha at her website.

Suggested donation $10 – in advance or at the door

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