with Beth Broadway

This course is designed for students who have already completed the previous level class or who already have mastered basic Hebrew vocabulary and the present and past tense verbs.  This level will begin with the future tense verbs and go on to deal with irregular verbs and active binyanim in modern Hebrew, all starting in chapter 7 of the Brandeis modern Hebrew book.  We will continue to use a few Israeli songs and children’s books to practice vocabulary and grammar.  We will also concentrate on increasing conversational skills.

Time: Tuesday nights, 8:00- 9:00pm

Dates:  Class begins Oct. 9 (25 sessions)

Cost: $250/Member, $375/Non-member

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with Beth Broadway
This class is for beginning conversational Hebrew. Students with a basic vocabulary are encouraged to join. All are expected to know the Aleph-Bet. Using dialogue practice among students as well as Israeli music and poetry, students will develop basic language  skills and build their vocabulary.

Learn Hebrew, discuss theology and understand Biblical texts in the original.

Time: Tuesday nights, 7:00-8:00pm

Dates: Class begins Oct. 9 (25 sessions)

Cost: $250/Member, $375/Non-member

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Interested in Intermediate Modern Hebrew? There’s a class for that!

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