Barley – by Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky.

The Midrash teaches that at Mt. Sinai the entire world was silenced, no wind, no birds, no sounds and God spoke to each of us in whatever voice we were able to receive.

Join us for a little study and sit in sacred silence as we prepare to hear God speaking.

Organized by Chava Monastersky and Alison Sands.

We will celebrate Passover on April 10 and 11th..the second night we are commanded to  begin counting the Omer until Shavuot. This 7 weeks between Pesach and Shavuot is both an agricultural festival marking the barley offering and the first wheat offering at the ancient Temple. and  also a spiritual journey. We  are given an opportunity spend 49 days from leaving slavery on Pesach to choosing freedom at Shavuot.  The “counting of the Omer”—these 49 days—provides a time for reflection using the Tree of Life.


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