Lieutenant Shachar – IDF Gender Affairs

Lt. Shachar, the first transgender officer to serve in the IDF, transitioned from female to male during active service. Today he is the coordinator for military affairs for Ma’avarim, the Israeli organization of the trans* community, where he advises youth, soldiers and professionals how to better integrate trans* people into the armed forces. Lt. Shachar will be in Seattle to share his personal experiences and discuss the IDF policy he helped to form.

Although Lt. Shachar joined the IDF already identifying as a man, he was unsure of reactions to his gender. Initially he hid his identity and drafted as a female. Then, selected to go through officer training, Lt. Shachar realized that his future solders needed to see the authentic Shachar. By publically sharing his story, he “… [gave] them, as a future officers, the tools to better treat their own soldiers.”

Lt. Shachar completed officer school as a male. Since graduation Lt. Shachar has been a consultant to the IDF’s gender affairs unit where his leadership has led to the creation of official policy.

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