Join us for an interactive Shavuot Seder celebrating the different themes of Shavuot.  Never heard of a Shavuot seder? There is a reason. A team of Beth Shalom folks are creating this special Shavuot seder to add a new twist, and ways to deepen our experience of Shavuot. The seder is for all ages.

This Shavuot Seder will be followed by Maariv, special presentation by Professor Devin Naar on Sephardic customs for Shavuot, Cheesecake sampling, all night learning, late night Yiddish singing, late night cooking and a dawn service as well as our 9:30 service.

This year’s all night tikkun will feature the Project Zug curriculum from Hadar by Rabbi Aviva Richman’s course Food Tour of the Talmud – exploring aspects of food by studying passages on food found across the six Orders of the Talmud. How can the act of eating become a practice of gratitude? Who should receive food as charity, and how much? What rights do field-workers have?  We are excited for this to be the beginning of a year-long partnership with Project Zug and their rich educational material – look for many more opportunities to learn with Project Zug throughout the year.

Schedule of Events, Saturday, June 8:

8:15pmShavuot Seder – Celebrating four different themes of Shavuot through an interactive program of learning, eating, singing and creating community.

Shavuot Cooking Program with Rachel (all ages welcome)

10:15pmProfessor Devin Naar, Sephardic Shavuot customs
Sample kosher cheesecakes baked on site by CBS members

All Night Learning

11:15pm: Learning with Rabbi Rose

12:15am:  ‘Let’s Sing Yiddish Holiday Songs Together’.  Lomir Zingn Tsuzamen: Yiddish Yontif Lider with Marianne and Harvey (for both Yiddish and non Yiddish speakers, singers and non-singers)
12:15am: Learning with Rabbi Fern Feldman

1:15am: Learning with Deirdre Gabbay

2:15am: Learning with Rabbi Borodin

3:15am: Learning with Ron DeChene


4:00amDawn Minyan

The Shavuot festivities continue:


Shavuot Day 1 – Sunday, June 9th

9:30 am: Festival Service with kids programming
12:45pm:  Pot luck picnic at View Ridge Park
1:30pm: Kickball in the park
4:30pm: Burekas making with IAC


Shavuot Day 2 – Monday, June 10th (CBS Offices Closed)
9:30am: Festival Morning Service at 9:30
Followed by a Kiddush Lunch
Shavuot Board Game Extravaganza and special Shavuot snacks


Celebrate Tu Bishvat with Matanot and Chaverim! The event is for 2nd-5th graders to come together on Tuesday, January 22nd from 6:30-7:30pm, for a yummy dinner and special program for Tu Bishvat.

Join members of Beth Shalom for a fun afternoon celebrating Hanukkah at The Summit at First Hill. 

Bingo Games with residents of The Summit: 1:30-2:30pm

Candle lighting: 3:30pm

The Beth Shalom Office will close at 2pm in preparation for Kol Nidrei.


Doors Open at 6:00 PM
Erev Yom Kippur Minchah & Cello:
6:30 – 7:00 PM
Main Service & Maariv: 7:00 – 10:00 PM
T’filat HaLev parallel service: 7:00 – 10:00 PM; see holiday guide for location details

For family services and times, please refer to the Youth & Family Schedule on page 18 (HH5) of the Ruach.

A complete schedule of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur events can be found here.

Tickets are required for all Beth Shalom High Holiday Services. To purchase tickets, or see if you qualify for reciprocal or discount tickets, click here.

In celebration of Beth Shalom’s 50th anniversary, we’ve done a lot of reflecting on the past.
For Shavuot this year, join us for a night of learning and imagining on the theme of the Jewish future.

Schedule of Events:

7:00—8:15pmSee the Torah up close and learn about how it is written as we unroll it and have our 6th graders share their maftir with us.
8:15-9:30pmTrends in Emerging Judaism  –  Join in conversation with Beth Shalom’s emerging Jewish leaders: Adam Gillman (1st year rabbinical student at JTS), Juliana Sherer (Pinwheel USY regional President and high school senior), and Michaela Yancey (Koach director, SUNY Binghamton and college sophomore) about their hopes, concerns, and visions of what Conservative Judaism and organized Jewish life might look like in the next 50 years. Panel moderated by Prof Devin Naar.
For Youth
Elementary-age program with Tal until 9:40pm in Beit Midrash, will join adults for Havdallah (teens will participate in adult program; middle schoolers can choose between the two options)
9:30-9:50 pmMaariv and havdallah
9:50-10:15 pmCheesecake!
Sample kosher cheesecakes baked on site by CBS members!
10:15-11:30 pmSituations the Rabbis Could Never Have Imagined:
The Next 50 Years of Technology through a Jewish Lens
As technology develops more rapidly than ever before, the Jewish community must try to keep up.  How will these developments affect Jewish life? What are the potential ethical concerns we foresee with various kinds of technology and biomedical developments?  How will halakhah respond to a world that previous generations could never have imagined? Join with Rabbi Rose, Marc Cohen, Craig Chosiad and Ithai Rabinowitch as they share their reflections.
11:30pm – 4am
All-Night Learning!
11:30 – Rabbi David Fine
Last but not least:  What’s the big deal about coveting?
What is about the Green-eyed monster (envy) that makes it so powerful? What are the realistic boundaries on jealousy?  Commentators have been there before us. Let’s visit with them and each other as we delve into texts on the 10th of the Aseret HaDibrot.  (Ten Commandments)12:30 – Rabbi Jill Borodin
What Do We Believe Will Ultimately Happen to Us When We Pray for Tehiat Hametim (the resurrection of the dead) in the Amidah?
Jewish thinkers have very different understandings and interpretations of what happens to us at the end of time.  Explore a number of different ways this prayer is understood historically and by contemporary thinkers.1:30 – Rabbinical Student Adam Gillman
What did we receive at Mt. Sinai? What would we like to receive this Shavuot?
The Bible has numerous  accounts of what occurred at Mt. Sinai, how can we understand these different accounts today? In this time of uncertainty what would you like to work towards giving and receiving on Shavuot? What gifts do you have that you would like to share with others?2:30 – Rabbi Emily Kapor-Mater
Jews In Space: Halacha In The Future, or, How Do You Observe Shabbat In Orbit?3:30 – Rabbi Paula Rose
Did the Rabbis Really Want the Temple Rebuilt?  And Other Rabbinic Fantasies about the Future
4:15 amDawn shacharit


The Shavuot festivities continue:

Sunday, May 20th
9:30 am – Festival davening for first day of Shavuot
11:30am-12:30pm – Kids programming K-5th grade with Tal Bronstain in Room 1
11:30am-12:30pm – Open classroom with Shavuot activities for young families in Room 4/5
1:00 pm – Picnic and sports in the park – Bring your Own Lunch to View Ridge Park

Monday, May 21st (CBS Offices Closed)
9:30 am – Festival davening, including Yizkor, for second day of Shavuot
Followed by a Kiddush Lunch

What’s happening at Beth Shalom for Tu B’Shvat? Enough to make a few trees happy, we think.

Leading up to the holiday:

  • The ECC kids will be studying about the holiday and making centerpieces for our Shabbat Tu B’Shvat. (Closed – ECC students only)


Saturday, February 11th

  • The 7th grade Mitzvot class will have a special session dedicated to Tu Bishvat and agricultural mitzvot. (Closed – 7th grade Mitzvot class only)
  • D’var Torah during Shabbat morning services will be given by Deirdre Gabbay, focusing on the environmental connections of Tu B’Shvat. (Open – all are welcome)
  • Kiddush Lunch including Tu B’Shvat Seder fruits, blessings, and discussion questions on every table. (Open – all are welcome)
  • Shabbat afternoon learning, 1:15pm in the Beit Midrash – Connections to Tu B’Shevat (details to come). (Open – all are welcome)


Sunday, February 13th, 2017

  • Rochelle Wynne will lead religious school students in a special Tu Bishvat planting. (Closed – Religious School students only)
  • All religious school students will take a field trip to Jewish Family Services to see how the food they grow in the garden is used. (Closed – Religious School students only)
  • Annual afternoon tree planting organized by Manny Jacobowitz. (Open – all are welcome to join)
    2:00pm – meet in Magnuson Park, Lot E4 between the swim beach and Kite Hill (enter the park at NE 65th Street and go left at the fork in the road). Bring gloves and spades if you have them, though we will also have a supply. Please RSVP to Manny so he knows what supplies to bring.
  • Young Adult Eco Tu B’Shevat Seder, location to be announced. (Open to all young adults in the Greater Seattle Jewish community) Contact Rachel Wachtel for more information.


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