Drawing inspiration from and breathing intention into the Jewish high holidays, this two hour workshop for women is designed to help build inner-strength and resiliency.

We will explore themes of teshuva, forgiveness, and renewal, inviting experiences of trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction into the room. The session will weave in dance movement therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness techniques and creativity, and will serve as a safe place to both share and process emotions, as well as develop and strengthen body-based coping skills that support resiliency and healing.

If you’re interested in attending this event, please RSVP below, or contact the front office at 206-524-0075.

Shanti Krigel (LMHC, LADC, R-DMT) is a practicing psychotherapist and addiction specialist at Jewish Family Services in Seattle. A licensed therapist for 15 years, Shanti works with clients healing though a wide variety of challenges. Shanti is also a trained Dance Movement Therapist and has lead movement therapy groups for the past 15 years. Shanti believes deeply in the power of mindful movement therapy as a supportive tool that helps individuals heal and discover their authentic self.

On Purim, we ask that any costumes you wear do not hide your face. We need to be able to identify every person in our building.

Last year it was Schmalz. The year before it was Le Maariv.

In 5777 it’s 

West Side Maariv

7:00pm Purim Katan, with Eli Rosenblatt, for kids age 0-5 and their families

7:30pm – Havdallah in the Social Hall

7:45pm – Parade of Costumes

8:00pm – West Side Maariv (full prayers done to tunes from West Side Story)

9:15pm – Spielen and Megillah reading

10:15pm – Dancing: Joe Blumenzweig will VJ (yes, that means there will be music videos and lights and great music — in the Sanctuary after the Megillah reading). Ice Cream (and Sorbet) Sundae Bar and Hamentashen to refresh yourself for the dancing!

Volunteers needed for greeting and ushering, kitchen prep, and more. Contact Rabbi Sarah Rubin if you can help!

For Purim Day, Sunday, March 12th, there will be Minyan and Megillah reading, followed by a Seudah and Matanot L’Evyonim – making gifts to the poor – with the help of the Social Action Committee and Isaac Goldberg who will be celebrating becoming Bar Mitzvah.

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