How to Waste Less this Year with Ridwell co-founder, Ryan Metgzer
6/22, 1:15pm in the Beit Midrash

Do you get confused on what can and can’t be recycled? Do you have things around your house that you think still might be useful to others in the community? Are you tired of driving all over town trying to get rid of hard-to-recycle items? If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes,’ then this after lunch discussion is for you! Ryan Metzger faced these same questions in his house and discovered there were many options for reusing and recycling their old things that he wasn’t aware of. Thinking others might face similar challenges, he and his 6-year-old son offered to pick up hard-to-recycle categories from neighbors and, before they knew it, over 4k Seattle residents had joined their cause known as Owen’s List. Their project has since evolved into a concept called Ridwell that makes it easy to waste less. They offer bi-weekly pickups of 5 categories that might otherwise be sent to a landfill and serve as a community resource for the best destination for anything you’d like to get rid of. Come with questions and start making space for the things that matter!

Next meeting of Ahavat v’Avodat HaAdamah (AAA) at Beth Shalom!

The group will plan a “Jewish in Nature” beach clean up or hike in the mountains

You’re invited! Congregation Beth Shalom’s (rain)Garden Party!

Sunday, May 19, 12-1:30pm
Congregation Beth Shalom requests the pleasure of your company at the ribbon cutting for our beautiful new rain garden. Please join us on the patio for strawberry lemonade and tea sandwiches, and a brief presentation on Tikkun Olam Care of the Earth at Beth Shalom. This program is hosted by Ahavat v’Avodat HaAdamah, “Love and Service of the Earth,” a Jewish environmental organization for the Pacific Northwest, which is based here at Beth Shalom. There will also be an opportunity to learn about the city’s Rainwise program for controlling stormwater runoff into Puget Sound’s waterways.

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