Support for the Pittsburgh Jewish Community

Support for the Pittsburgh Jewish Community

Would you like to offer financial support to the Pittsburgh Jewish community?

Make a donation to Congregation Beth Shalom, and we’ll send the money to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh:

  • If you’re writing a check, write “Pittsburgh” on the memo line
  • If you’re making a payment on the website, choose “other” after “My/our gift is” and then type “Pittsburgh”.
    Be sure to check the box for the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.
  • Cash donations are also accepted. Let us know that it is for the Pittsburgh Jewish Community.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh will use the donations for their Our Victims of Terror Fund. Funds collected for Our Victims of Terror are earmarked for psychological services, support for families, general services, reconstruction, additional security throughout the community, medical bills for all those involved, as well as counseling and other services that may prove necessary in the future. Religious and day schools will also most likely require additional resources to help youth process this tragic episode, and will be supported by this fund.

Thank you.

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