Shmita Project Northwest

Shmita Project Northwest

The Shmita Project Northwest seeks to educate, inspire, and build community around bringing Shmita to life. The Shmita Year is part of a cycle analogous to the weekly Sabbath, but taking place once every seven years as opposed to every seven days. Also known as the Year of Release, Shmita invites each of us to re-examine our relationship with the earth, with the Divine, and with one another. In the Shmita year, we rest alongside the land; we share the abundance of our landscapes as equals with one another and with the wild creatures; money is deemphasized; and debts are released.

In the sixth year, we will ensure that as many people as possible in our community

  • Are aware that next year is a Shmita year,
  • Understand what Shmita means, and
  • Are invited into community to think creatively about bringing Shmita values to life in their homes and communities, and the wider world.

In the seventh year, we will publicize and share emergent Shmita-related programs and activities, focusing on the greater Seattle and Pacific Northwest region.

If funding becomes available, we will provide small grants to assist with bringing Shmita values to life.

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Shmita Project Northwest is a project of Congregation Beth Shalom, Seattle and Washington Interfaith Power & Light/Earth Ministry. Shmita Project Northwest invites your congregation to become our partner in educating, inspiring, and building community around bringing Shmita to life in our region. Fill out our partnership form here.

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