Shanah Tovah Music Video

Shanah Tovah Music Video

The entire CBS community is invited to be part of a Shanah Tovah music video. This will be a fantastic way to see and hear all of your friends and we hope as many people as possible will participate. We would love to see whole families, or individuals can make their own videos. To participate, you’ll make a video in your home of you singing along to a track. Send us your video, and we’ll combine them all into a music video with all of us singing together.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll need 2 devices. The first will be to record video. You can use your phone or tablet or camera. Find a nice place in your home with good lighting, and set up the video recorder on a stand or have someone else hold it to record you.
  2. You’ll need a separate device that can play audio into your ear. This could be a second phone, or an mp3 player, or even a stereo. Put the attached music track on that device. Use an earbud so that only you can hear the track.(We don’t want the sound from the track on your recording. Only your voice should be on the recording!)
  3. Listen to the track a few times to learn the song. There is a lyrics sheet and a score in links below.
  4. When you’re ready to record, play the track so only you can hear it. Sing along and make a video.
  5. Smile!  Look into the camera!  Have fun while you’re singing. You’re saying Shanah Tovah to the entire community.
  6. After you record the song, say Shannah Tovah into the camera, and include any other (short) message you’d like to say to everyone.
  7. Send all your videos to  Feel free to email questions as well, if you need assistance.

Please send your videos as soon as you can. The deadline is Friday Sept 4th.

Here are the files you’ll need:
The audio track
The lyrics sheet
The sheet music

A few other notes;

– The song has two parts. Part A & Part B. On the track they are separated. First, part A is sung 5 times. Then part B is sung 5 times. Finally we do Part B one last time for a big ending.

– Please sing along with all 5 repetitions of part A & B and the ending. We’ll use the video that you send, and combine it with all the video we receive to make a great community video. But we want lots of options. So please send us all of these repetitions. Be sure to sing the ending. We want everyone together for the ending.

– Don’t worry if there is excess footage at the beginning or end of the video while you’re getting started. We will only use the good parts. We promise to make you all look great in this video!

– HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! Feel free to harmonize, or make up counterpoints. Riff on the melody.  Do something different for each of the repetitions.

– Don’t forget to SMILE!!! You’re sending a Rosh Hashanah greeting to everyone!

– Do you play an instrument? You could record an instrumental track too! Send us multiple tracks, if you want.

– We would love to see your whole family in the video. Bring your kids and parents and get them to sing too. If you have multiple people in your video, you can use an audio splitter or two people can share the right and left sides of a pair of ear buds.


We can’t wait to see all of your videos!

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