Sew Masks with Sewing Sisters

Sew Masks with Sewing Sisters

Sew Masks with Sewing Sisters

The Seattle Limbe Sewing Circle  – Making Masks

We are a multi-cultural, multi-faith community and we have built a cross-cultural community here in Seattle.  During the Covid-19 crisis we have started sewing masks for local organizations from our homes.  Beth Hartell has organized our mask making project.
What masks to sew: The organizations are all flexible as to what the masks look like, as long as they are cotton and washable.
Here are several patterns, as well as a recent news article that has additional information:
If you are someone who is in a position to drive around and pick up masks, please let Beth Hartell know.
Newest Update:
Sew Strong Offer – for the Sewing Sisters or anyone who wants to help them
They are another local group that is sewing face masks for local organizations, but they have started creating face masks sewing kits. These kits contain the cut fabric, elastic and nose clips for sewing 10 masks. They are offering the kits to us, in the hope that some of our sewists would find them useful to sew up masks, in an effort to help speed up the process of getting masks to the sites that need them.
These masks kits would be free and are really just to help. Beth Hartell is in the process of connecting with the head of the group, but need to have a sense of how many kits we would like for our group if our sewists are interested. So the question to you and/or other sewists in your team – Please let her know if you are interested in getting some of these kits and how many you would like by contacting her here:
If you have masks that are ready for pick-up/donation – please Beth Hartell know.


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