Scrip FAQ

– About Scrip –

Q: I have heard about the scrip program at Congregation Beth Shalom. What is it?

A: In general, scrip is a form of private currency between two parties. At Beth Shalom, scrip takes the form of gift cards that you can purchase from Beth Shalom and then use at certain stores to purchase items at those stores. Beth Shalom has been selling scrip since December 2008.

Q: Why is Beth Shalom selling gift cards?

A: Beth Shalom sells gift cards as a fundraising tool. Beth Shalom purchases the gift cards at a small discount and then sells them at face value. The price difference raises funds for Beth Shalom and improves the synagogue’s financial condition.

Q: Hey, that’s a good idea! Could I do the same thing and make money for myself?

A: Nice try, pal. The discount is available only to registered nonprofit organizations.

Q: When I buy scrip, I don’t have to make a donation to go with it, do I?

A: Nope! You don’t pay anything extra when you participate in the scrip program. When you buy, for example, a $100 gift card, you can use that to purchase up to $100 worth of items (groceries, latte, gasoline, digital ceramic pedestal heater with remote control, etc.).

Q: For which stores does Beth Shalom sell gift cards?

A: At the front desk we stock QFC, PCC, Safeway, Albertsons, Starbucks, Home Depot and ARCO. Cards for additional stores are available online at ShopWithScrip.

Q: No Fred Meyer? I do a lot of shopping at Fred Meyer, and I’d like to use a gift card there.

A: Don’t be fooled–QFC gift cards are also usable at any Fred Meyer store. The reason is that both stores are owned by The Kroger Co. In fact, QFC gift cards can be used at any store owned by Kroger. For a complete list of Kroger markets, see QFC and Fred Meyer are the only ones in the Seattle area.

Q: How much of a discount does Beth Shalom get when purchasing the gift cards?

A: That varies among the stores. For QFC and PCC, the discount is 5%. For Safeway, Albertsons and Home Depot, the discount is 4%. For ARCO, the discount is 1.5% – 2.5%. For Starbucks, the discount is 7%.

– Buying Scrip –

Q: I’d like to help by buying some gift cards. How do I go about doing that?

A: You can purchase gift cards from Lauren Fellows in the front office at the synagogue during business hours (9-5 M-Th; 9-2 Fri). You can also purchase a wider variety of scrip online, anytime, from ShopWithScrip. Finally, you can contact the synagogue’s scrip coordinator, Kevin Coskey, by clicking here. He can also sell you gift cards.

Q: Buying scrip online sounds very convenient! How does it work?

A: First, sign up for the ShopWithScrip site, Next, decide on how you would like to pay for your purchases. There are two possible choices. One option is to pay Beth Shalom in advance for your order, using any of the usual methods (check, credit card, bill member account, etc). You will place your order online, but pay Beth Shalom for the value of the order. The other option is to sign up for the PrestoPay program at our scrip distributor, Great Lakes. Through PrestoPay, Great Lakes will debit your bank account directly for the value of the order. Note that there is an additional $0.15 charge per order for this method.

When you sign up at ShopWithScrip, you will be able to purchase a variety of cards, and some can even be reloaded online. However, Great Lakes will not mail these cards directly to you. The cards you buy online will be mailed to Beth Shalom in batches, and we will receive these batches about once a month. If you need scrip urgently, it may be faster to buy scrip cards in person at Beth Shalom.

Q: How do I sign up to buy scrip from

A: Here are some step-by-step instructions to guide you.

  • First, contact CBS and ask for the enrollment code.
  • Next, create an account. Go to and click on the Register button at the top of the page.
  • Then, click on the “Join a Scrip Program” button.
  • On the next page, enter the enrollment code. This enrollment code connects your account to Beth Shalom’s account.
  • On the next page, enter a username, password, personal info, email address, and two security questions/answers.
  • Now you’re ready to buy scrip online!

– Using Scrip –

Q: What do I do when I have spent the entire balance of my gift card?

A: That depends on which store for which you have a gift card. In nearly all cases, you simply buy another gift card. Except for PCC cards, cards bought in person from Beth Shalom cannot be reloaded.

PCC cards (even ones bought in person) can be reloaded, so don’t throw yours away. To do this, add more to the balance on the card at any cash register at any PCC store. Simply pay PCC the amount you want to add, and PCC will add that amount to your card. The minimum amount to add is $50.

Many scrip cards bought online can also be reloaded. If you register your card with Great Lakes, you’ll be able to reload them online anytime–no shipping delays, and no schlepping!

Q: Wait a minute. If I add funds to my card, how will Beth Shalom benefit? That transaction is between me and the retailer, right?

A: When you add funds to a PCC card, PCC will set aside 5% of that amount and donate it to Beth Shalom later in the year. The number on your PCC card is tied to an account that Beth Shalom has at PCC. That way, PCC knows which organization will benefit from your reloading your card.

Cards bought online can be reloaded online at, and each reload will benefit Beth Shalom. There may also be an option to reload in person at the store; however, Beth Shalom only benefits when you reload these cards online through Great Lakes. Additionally, you cannot use Great Lakes reload a card you bought directly from the retailer.

Q: I’d like to know what the current balance is on my gift card. Is there a way for me to find out?

A: Yes, indeed. You can check the balance of your gift card at the cashier in the store for that gift card. In addition, here is a table of phone numbers and web sites that can be used for checking the balance of your gift card.

StorePhone number and/or web site for card balance
QFC & Fred Meyer
(866) 822-6252
Safeway(800) 229-5855
Albertsons(877) 932-7948
(800) 782-7282
Home Depot
(800) 430-3376
ARCO(800) 519-3560
Whole Foods


Q: What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

A: One of the benefits of using a PCC, QFC or Safeway gift card is that in case it is lost or stolen, you balance can be preserved. As soon as you realize that your card is missing, contact the Beth Shalom scrip coordinator and inform him of your loss. He can contact the store and have the remaining balance transferred to another card for you. You would then use that new card instead.

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