Passover Resources

Passover Resources

Passover Resources

Hadar – The Path of Redemption Pesah celebrates a story of redemption—but what kind of redemption? For whom? Is it a personal or national story? Inclusive or exclusive? How does one get to redemption? What are the decisions and challenges along the way? All these questions and more are discussed in these pages in essays from Hadar’s distinguished faculty. We hope you use this resource to enrich your experience of Pesah, prompting questions to discuss at your Seder and beyond, helping you see this central holiday in new ways.

Hadar’s collection of d’var Torah and lectures about Pesach

Avodah has collected the following Haggadot and Passover resources from their partners and allies in social justice work. Use these materials to help foster dialogue, lead prayers, and foster community during this holiday of liberation.

Virtual Seder

Tips for Hosting a Virtual Seder by Alma

Seder2020. This night is different from all other nights. Everything you need for a virtual seder, in one place.


Build Your Own Haggadah:

Haggadah for Young Children: PJ Library

The Passover Haggadah: A Guide to the Seder: The Jewish Federations of North America

HIAS Haggadah: HIAS

Pesach Haggadah: Sefaria

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: The Discovery Haggadah

Rabbinical Assembly: “Feast of Freedom” Haggadah

Food and Kashering

Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guide 5780

Rabbinical Assembly Updates for Passover in light of COVID-19

Seattle Va’ad Passover Guide

Hadar’s Pesach Preparation Guide

For Families

PJ Library Passover

Shaboom: Chad Gadya, Who Knows One, Ma Nishtana, The Four Questions for Kids

The Search for Chametz: BimBam

The Passover Seder: What to Expect: BimBam

Passover: Mayim Bialik

A Virtual Passover Pilgrimage to Jerusalem’s Old City:

Ideas for Small or Solo Seders

Free “Next Year in Person” Passover cards


Passover Song Playlist on Spotify 169 Passover related songs in Hebrew and English

Seder Melodies playlist from the Cantors Assembly

“A Lion King Passover” by Six13:

“Dayenu” by the Maccabeats:


The Jewish Trivia Quiz – Passover Trivia




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