Intro to Judaism (Living Judaism)

Intro to Judaism (Living Judaism)

Living Judaism

An introduction to the basic traditions and structure of Judaism. 

Is this class for you? Are you —

Jewish and want a strong refresher course, haven’t learned much since Hebrew school, or feel like your kids are ahead of you?

Not Jewish but married to someone Jewish, or know someone Jewish, or considering conversion?

If you answered YES in any way to the above, or you are interested in a serious introduction to Judaism, then this class is for you.

This course serves as both an introduction to Judaism for Jews looking to deepen their knowledge, for non-Jewish partners of Jews, and as the required course for conversion students. It lays the foundation for participants to build a strong personal Jewish identity. The lead instructors are Ron DeChene and Robert Hovden with some classes also taught by Rabbi Rose and other guest instructors. We will study the essential spiritual, religious, ethical, legal, historical, and cultural elements that inspire a commitment to Jewish life and involvement. Participants will be encouraged to explore various forms of Jewish identity through practice.

Timing and Tuition

Class will meet Tuesday evenings, 10/19/21 through 5/24/22. Our COVID committee will be determining whether class will meet virtually or in person. The Living Judaism fee includes tuition for Hebrew I class, which meets on the same evening. Tuition is $500/member, $600/non-member. Take it with a partner for a discount: $700 for partners (members), $800 for partners (non-members). Note that only one partner needs to be a member.

Prior to the start of classes, join our Living Judaism teachers for free sessions to learn about the High Holidays. More details to come.

More Information and Application

For more information, please call the Beth Shalom office at 206-524-0075. View last year’s class syllabus here. You can register via the form below.

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A Program of Jewish Learning and Living
  • Section 1: Personal Information

  • Please use the number you are most likely to be reached at.
  • Please use the address you are most likely to be reached at.
  • Section 2: A Personal Essay on Jewish Identity and Commitments

    The following questions are designed to elicit from you a personal statement that will help the faculty of Living Judaism work with you during the coming year and match you with a mentoring family. You may answer the questions individually here, or upload a longform response below. If you and your partner are taking this course together, please submit individual responses.
  • If you've chosen to write a longform response to the above questions, please upload it here.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, Max. file size: 32 MB.
  • Section 3: Tuition and Payment

    No payment will be charged at this time. Please use this section to indicate which cost applies to you, and how you will pay for it. You will be charged upon your acceptance into the program.
  • Please select the fee that best applies to you. Tuition includes the cost of one of our Hebrew courses, as well as the Living Judaism course. Fees do not cover the cost of books or materials. For the member Partners Discount, it's OK if only one and not both are members of CBS.
  • Financial consideration is kept in strict confidence. Please indicate the amount you feel you can afford to pay for the program.
  • Beth Shalom cannot refund fees for withdrawal after January 1, 2022. Withdrawal before that date will be refunded on a prorated basis. Please initial here if you understand.
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