Intro to Judaism (Living Judaism)

Intro to Judaism (Living Judaism)

Living Judaism

An introduction to the basic traditions and structure of Judaism. 

Welcome!  We are so happy that you are looking to explore your Jewish journey at Congregation Beth Shalom.

The Introduction to Judaism class at Congregation Beth Shalom is called Living Judaism because it follows an entire Jewish holiday cycle from the fall High Holy Days to Shavuot in the spring.  Beyond holiday and festival practices, the class provides space for the study and practice of kashrut, worship, text study, and a Hebrew class geared toward your level of proficiency. We will study the essential spiritual, religious, ethical, legal, historical, and cultural elements that inspire a commitment to Jewish life and involvement. Participants will be encouraged to explore various forms of Jewish identity through practice.

This class is appropriate for—

1 –  those who have been Jewish their whole lives but would like to know more

2 – those who are interested in Judaism and looking for an interactive environment to explore and learn 

3 – and is a requirement for anyone looking to convert to Judaism through Beth Shalom

Timing and Tuition

Class will meet Tuesday evenings, 10/19/21 through 5/24/22 (Hebrew class at 7pm; Living Judaism class at 8pm). Class will be held in-person with the option to join virtually for some or all of the sessions. The Living Judaism fee includes tuition for Hebrew I class, which meets on the same evening, or a different one of our Hebrew class offerings that meets your needs. Tuition is $500/member, $600/non-member. Take it with a partner for a discount: $700 for partners (members), $800 for partners (non-members). Note that only one partner needs to be a member. Scholarships are also available.

The Learners’ Minyan series meets monthly on Saturdays to learn about different parts of the Shabbat service. Learners’ Minyan is free and open to anyone (not only Living Judaism students). Dates and topics here.

Prior to the start of classes, join our Living Judaism teachers for free sessions to learn about the High Holidays.

More Information

View last year’s class syllabus here. If your goal is to gain the knowledge and experience the class has to offer, we would like you to answer a few questions so we can help you decide if this is the class to fit your needs. Thanks for answering the questions below, and we will be in touch with more information.

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