Introduction to Jewish text study and havruta (paired) learning

Introduction to Jewish text study and havruta (paired) learning

Introduction to Jewish text study and havruta learning

with Rabbi Lauren Kurland

While studying Jewish texts on one’s own is to be commended, Jewish texts are classically studied in havruta — with a study partner. Havruta partners serve as thought partners, clarify and sharpen each other’s understanding of the text, and provide different valuable perspectives on the text.

In the course, we will explore texts from the Bible to the midrash to the Talmud. While some guidance and context for each text will be provided, the primary goal of this class is to work with a havruta partner to better understand the meaning of each text, consider its broader themes, and find connections between the text and our own lives.
Havruta partners will be assigned at the start of class and will then be rotated approximately every three sessions in order to give learners a chance to meet and study with different people in the community.

All levels welcome; beginners and previous Living Judaism participants are particularly invited. All texts will be provided in English and will also be available in the original Hebrew/Aramaic.

Time: Wednesday nights, 7:00-8:00pm

Dates: Oct. 14 – Dec. 16, 2020 (10 sessions)

Cost: $100/Member, $150/Non-member

Beth Shalom will refund tuition in the event a course is canceled.  Students who withdraw from a course and request a refund within two weeks of the course’s start date are eligible for a pro-rated refund.  Tuition will not be refunded for course withdrawal after two weeks from a course’s start date.

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