Food and Friends Registration 2019-2020

Food and Friends Registration 2019-2020

Food and Friends Registration 2019-2020

An annual CBS program with over 100 participants, Food and Friends consists of five monthly potluck meetings on Sundays. Most groups meet for dinner, some meet for brunch, or some choose to meet for a mix of brunch and dinner times. Meetings are hosted in a rotating fashion at participants’ homes. Participants study using provided texts, as a foundation for conversation while sharing a meal. Groups are formed with a goal of individuals and families getting to know other congregants better and building bonds across neighborhoods within our CBS community.

How it works:

We’ll match you with others to form a group that meets five times during the year for a vegetarian potluck meal. We will provide the curriculum for you to study in your groups (this year’s topic will be announced soon!)

  • Adults only groups consist of about 10 people per group.
  • Family groups consist of about 5 families per group (we will do our best to match families with kids of similar ages.)
  • This cycle’s dates: November 17, 2019, December 15, 2019, January 26, 2020, February 23, 2020, March 15, 2020
  • Please note that there is a curriculum fee of $18 per household to cover materials

*Don’t let your concerns about hosting, cost, or leading stop you from signing up. Contact Melani Baker or list any special needs on the sign-up form below.

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