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Who we are

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to nurture a deep love for Jewish traditions, religion, and community in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways among students and their families.

Our Goals:

1) Learning will be engaging, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate for each learner

  • Students make choices about their learning and explore their own interests
  • Educators facilitate learning through a variety of methods including project-based learning. They draw upon best practices in the field of supplemental Jewish Education.
  • Learning is tailored to meet the individual needs of each student

2) Learners experience Jewish traditions as spiritually meaningful and as guideposts for ethical living (within the frameworks of the Conservative Movement)

  • We live by Jewish values taught in the Torah, feel solidarity with the Jewish people, and strive to encounter God
  • Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam are at the center of our curriculum and our students work to repair the world Holiday celebrations are joyful and reflect student learning
  • Music, art, and cooking connect learners with previous generations of the Jewish people
  • Learners gain familiarity with Tefillot, Jewish history, the State of Israel,and key Jewish texts through critical thinking, discussions, and active questioning

3) Students and families are warmly embraced by the CBS Jewish community

  • Students and families are known by name
  • Families from a wide-variety of Jewish backgrounds are welcomed and valued
  • Connections are built with our Ozerim (8th-12th graders tutors and teaching assistants
  • Parents share in their child/children’s learning and families host events in their homes
  • Relationships with peers, rabbis, and educators extend beyond the classroom

4) We instill a life-long love of learning

  • Synagogue members serve as volunteer Hebrew teachers and role models for continued Jewish learning
  • Students are coached to take on leadership roles and regularly participate in many aspects of synagogue life such as Shabbat morning and evening services and rituals
  • Graduates are confident in where to go to learn more and who to ask their questions
  • Classes go outside of the synagogue and interact with the greater Seattle Jewish community

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