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Hafoch ba v’hapech ba, d’chula vah.

Turn it [Torah] round and round as everything is in it (Pirkei Avot 5:24). As we seek to bring God’s presence and Torah in to our lives, we do so not by removing ourselves from the realm of the material, not by separating ourselves from the majority, but by sanctifying our lives in the midst of our material, heterogeneous, complicated world.

Beth Shalom serves as an entryway for those who seek a closer connection to our people and to God. It is a place of Torah, a place of Jewish living and a place of caring. I look forward to dancing in our entryway, relishing in our community and challenging ourselves to deepen our connection to Torah and inviting others to join us in this journey.


Rabbi Jill Borodin

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2018-19 / 5779 Divrei Torah
New Year / Rosh Hashanah
Day 1 – Rabbi Borodin: Rosh Hashanah day 1 sermon
Day 2 – Rabbi Rose: Rosh HaShanah Day 2_ The Sound of the Shofar and the Book of Really Living (1)
Kol Nidrei – Rabbi Rose: Kol Nidrei 5779
Yom Kippur – Rabbi Borodin: Yom kippur sermon

Dvar Torah after Pittsburgh from Rabbi Borodin.

Haim Mizrahi’s Dvar Torah on leaving Egypt from Freedom Shabbat: Modern Exodus program

2017-18/5778 Divrei Torah
New Year / Rosh Hashanah
Rabbi Borodin – 50th Anniversary RH Day 1
Rabbi Rose – Finding God by Being God RH Day 2 5778
Rabbi Will Berkovitz – Will Berkovitz – Ballast
Beth Huppin – Yom Kippur morning Haftorah intro 2017 – Beth Huppin
Rabbi Borodin – Kol Nidrei sermon “Keeping Up and Shutting Up.”
Keith Eaton – Darshan Yonah
Amram Migdal – Pesach business case study sermon_Amram Migdal_03 31 18
Michael Madwed – Dvar Torah Kedoshim

January 2017: Special Rabbinic Statement on Refugee Concerns

April 2017: Haggadah supplements 2017:  Adding Contemporary Voices To Your Seder

April 29: Navigating Turbulent Times: A Workshop for Resilience-Building Resources


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Special Rabbinic Statement 1/30/2017

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