CBS Ozerim Program 5781 (2020-2021)

CBS Ozerim Program 5781 (2020-2021)

Interested in making a difference?  Looking for a way to get involved and be a Jewish role model?  Apply to be an ozer(et) for Congregation Beth Shalom’s Religious School!  The Ozerim program at Congregation Beth Shalom is for 8th-12th grade teens.  This is a great opportunity to contribute to the Beth Shalom community and expand your Jewish connections and knowledge.  Our ozerim thrive from the relationships they build with the students, teachers, and their fellow ozerim! There are 11 different ways to be involved this year.



Special Needs Aide

Special needs aide mentor and support children with special needs at CBS. Ozerim who choose this option will learn the skills needed to provide individualized support and practice these skills while engaging with children in the religious school. (this position is most likely only Sunday mornings, but it will depend on our need)


Teacher’s Assistant

This option involves working with your assigned classroom teacher and students.  You will learn how to teach with our talented teachers as your mentors, while at the same time developing strong leadership skills.  Typical assignments vary based on ages of students, but can include helping serve snack, coaching students as a class on Hebrew and T’fillot, reading stories, or leading activities. (this is every Sunday for prek-2nd grade and Sundays and Tuesdays for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades)


Hebrew Tutor

This option requires outstanding Hebrew reading and t’filla skills.  You will be working one-on-one with students and small groups to improve their Hebrew reading and confidence (This is ideally Tuesdays and Sundays, though only Sundays might be possible)


Music Ozer

This option requires a good knowledge of songs for Jewish holidays and will involve going around and teaching Jewish songs in different classrooms. If you play an instrument such as guitar or piano that you can use to accompany the students, that would be ideal.  This ozer will be asked to work approximately 2 Sundays per month.


Sunday Office and Snack Ozer

You will be a logistics officer, helping to ensure the smooth running of the school.  Your tasks may range from greeting people at the door, handing out flyers, making copies, to sorting through supplies, to office work, to organizing, to filming and photographing the classes in action, to preparing snack.  You will be working closely with Rachel and will learn first-hand what it takes to make everything happen. (this position is approximately 1.5 -2 hours every Sunday)


Saturday Office and Snack Ozer

You will be a logistics officer, helping to ensure the smooth running of the school.  Your tasks may range from greeting people at the door, handing out flyers, taking attendance, locking up classrooms, and supervising recess to preparing and serving snack.  You will be working closely with Rachel and will learn first-hand what it takes to make everything happen. (this position is approximately 1.5-2 hours every Saturday)


Kids Kehilla Ozer

Work with Brianna on this amazing Saturday morning program for 5-11 year olds. You will assist in taking attendance, managing materials, working with small groups of kids, and helping out with anything needed. (this position is every Saturday from 10:45-12:15)


Israel Ozer

Our Israel Ozer will work with our shinshinim to bring more Hebrew and Israel to the CBS religious School. You will help lead Israel programming for each RS class. You will also introduce students to Israeli games and music during recess and free times.  You will help create bulletin boards as well as assist with our Yom Ha’atzmaut programs. (this position can be only Sundays, or Sundays and Tuesdays)


Floating Ozer

In this position, you will cover for ozerim that are out, assist with special programs like the Purim Carnival, and be ready to help out and jump in with whatever is needed.  This is a great role for someone who knows they will have scheduling conflicts throughout the year and not be able to make each session or someone who wants to try out a bunch of different roles and age groups. (this is usually Sunday mornings)


Torah and Tots Ozer

The Torah for Tots and Young Family Tefillah ozer will assist with our shabbat programming for kids 5 and under and their families.  You will help read stories, play games, serve snack, and sing songs. (this position is every Saturday from 45-60 minutes)


Teen Learning Ozer

You will help prepare dinner for teen learning each Tuesday. You will also help bring the food to the annex, set up for dinner, take attendance at teen learning, and be responsible for keeping the classroom supplies in the annex neat and well stocked.  (this position is Tuesday afternoons and evenings)



  • Ozerim are expected to arrive promptly and check-in by 9:00 AM on Sundays (4:00 pm for Tuesday volunteers) and be in the classroom by your assigned time to meet with your teacher/supervisor and assist with classroom set up. Ozerim are expected to stay until the last student in their class has been picked up and the classroom has been cleaned up for the day.
  • Paid ozerim are required to be enrolled in regular Jewish learning, such CBS Teen Learning or other alternative learning program approved by the Director of Education. Ozerim can choose to volunteer if they cannot meet this requirement.
  • Ozerim are expected to follow the guidelines and direction of their teachers.
  • Ozerim should attend as many of the sessions as they can. If necessary, substitutes can be found, especially to encourage support in USY programming. Please only miss school if absolutely necessary. If you cannot attend at least 80% of the sessions, please reconsider whether this program is the right fit for you. Exceptions will be made for students who are studying in Israel for part of the school year.
  • Ozerim will be reliable and dependable, serve as a role model to our students, and have a positive attitude.
  • Ozerim should dress appropriately and act professionally at all times.
  • Ozerim must attend a mandatory training session at the beginning of the school year or arrange for a substitute training if necessary, pending approval of Director of Education.
  • Staff Meetings: Ozerim will attend monthly staff meetings over the course of the year (usually one Sunday each month from 12:00-1:00). A schedule with these dates and all school dates will be provided at the start of year. Attendance at these meetings is a mandatory part of the program. The sessions will focus on leadership, classroom management techniques, child development, and much more.
  • Notify your teacher and Rachel Wachtel of all absences at least 2 weeks in advance (illness/emergency excluded), and attend to finding your own substitute.



8th graders will serve as volunteer Ozerim. 9th-12th grade Ozerim can choose to either receive community service hours or be paid (minimum wage).


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