CBS 50th Anniversary Frequently Asked Questions

CBS 50th Anniversary Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different events associated with the 50th Anniversary?

From fall 2017 through the summer of 2018, Beth Shalom is hosting numerous fun and meaningful events that engage our community in a wide variety of ways to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

Events include:

Why and how are we raising $250,000?

In celebration of the past 50 years and looking ahead to the next 50, CBS plans to raise $132,000 needed to support this year’s operations as well as contribute the remaining portion of donated funds to our endowment fund to help secure our future operations.  If we are able to raise more than $250,000 the additional funds will be deposited into our unrestricted endowment from which the income will be used to fund future fiscal years in perpetuity.

In order to meet our goal, we are counting on every member family to contribute as generously as they can at some point during this year of celebration.  This can happen by attending a pleasure of your company event, making a donation, purchasing an ad in the memory book, attending the Gala, or the community event.

Through the generosity of multiple members, we have created a $65,000 matching gift challenge to inspire the rest of our membership to give generously knowing their gifts will be matched dollar for dollar.

We have reached out to our long-time major supporters individually to make gifts to drive us toward our goal. They are stepping up generously as they have done repeatedly throughout Beth Shalom’s history. We are enormously grateful for their longtime commitments to our community.

Our gala on February 24th is another point at which we hope to raise significant dollars toward our goal. We have worked to make the event as cost effective as possible while keeping it within the spirit of a 50th gala celebration. Given that, we still need to charge a participation fee to ensure we cover all expenses. Beyond the ticket cost, we are asking attendees to make an additional gift of at least $250 per person to support our fundraising goal. We understand that this price point is not feasible for everyone, which is why we are having a community-wide celebration to cap off our year of celebration.

Matching funds.

In the middle of last year a member of the board stepped forward and made a significant pledge to the 50th anniversary to serve as a match.  Several other members of the community stepped forward to pledge towards this matching fund.  In total more than $50,000 was raised to serve as a challenge to the community.  100% of the Board has already made a gift or pledge to the 50th Anniversary campaign in response to that challenge and the community is stepping forward with new and increased giving to the campaign.  We have basically completed this challenge.

Recently two families stepped forward and have issued a new challenge to the community.  They have committed up to $25,000 as a challenge.  Anyone pledging more than the suggested minimum of $250 per person at the Gala event will have those additional funds matched.  Anyone making a new pledge or gift at the community event will have those funds matched.

What a wonderful opportunity to basically double your gift to the community.


The Gala is not very Beth Shalom-like. Why are we having an event that requires a donation level that is cost prohibitive for a lot of members?

Beth Shalom can no longer rely on just dues and donations for its financial stability. With the growth in our membership, the implementation of our strategic plan and the addition of a second rabbi, our expenses have increased and thus our revenue must increase to meet our expanded budget. Our operations have become more complex and so our systems and needs have become more sophisticated. We want to be very transparent so everyone understands the significant and growing demands of our budget, and our need to pursue multiple strategies for fundraising.  To keep Beth Shalom in the vanguard and operating at the level we enjoy and have come to expect, we are unabashedly asking for significant investment in our community from those who have the means to do so.  However, we have also been working with the entire community through our annual dues agreements to review their overall giving, requesting not only an increase to dues payments but a 10% overall increase to giving.

In our 50th year as we are looking both to the past and celebrating our accomplishments we are also looking to the future and to our challenges, both programatically, and financially.  It seemed that this was the most appropriate time to implement a new fundraising tool – the Gala.


If I cannot contribute at the Gala-Level – does my participation matter?

Of course it does.  Contributions to Beth Shalom in any amount are needed to help us meet our fundraising goal. We are striving for 100% participation from our membership as we are all in this together to keep our sacred community thriving. A gift in any amount is truly appreciated. We also greatly value the tremendous volunteer time contributed to Beth Shalom. This enables our paid staff who are stretched thin to focus on more important responsibilities for the shul. In addition, the contribution of expertise through committee work and teaching enhances our community in countless ways.

Please feel free to make a donation now, purchase a memory book ad or attend the May event and make a gift at that point.


What is the May 6th event? Is it for everyone? Is there fundraising at this event?

This is a family-friendly culminating event, intended to cap off the year.  It will be during the day, have a modest price of admission, to cover the costs of the event and will be a time for fun and reflection, as well as an opportunity for contributions.


How will we be recognizing donors to the 50th Anniversary?

There are six giving levels.

Platinum – a total gift or pledge of $10,000 or more (donors will receive 2 tickets to the Gala and a full page ad in the memory book)

Gold – a total gift or pledge of $5,000 – $9,999 (donors will receive 2 tickets to the Gala and a half page ad in the memory book)

Silver – a total gift or pledge of $2500 – $4,999 (donors will receive 2 tickets to the Gala and a quarter page ad in the memory book)

Bronze – a total gift or pledge of $1000 – $2,499 (donors will a quarter page ad in the memory book)

Patron – a total gift or pledge of $500-$999

Community Supporter – a total gift or pledge of $1-$499

All donors, who do not wish to remain anonymous, will be acknowledged in the memory book and at the May 6th event.





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