6838 House Update

6838 House Update

Dear Beth Shalom Members,

I’m writing to let you know what’s new with regard to Beth Shalom’s houses. Thanks to over $260,000 in donations, several short term loans from members, and a positive congregational vote, we were able to finalize the purchase of the last house on our block at the end of August 2017.

Following the purchase, Mark Stiefel, Finance Committee member and Past President, began working to renegotiate the mortgage on the main building.  We already had a mortgage on the main building as well as two of the three houses that we had previously purchased.  We owned one of the houses free and clear.  With the purchase of the final house on our block, Mark sought to combine the mortgages into one with hopes of keeping our monthly payments in the range of what we were already paying.  Mark’s hard work has paid off, and we now have a single mortgage for $1.62 million.

As part of our purchase agreement, the seller of our newest house at 6838 35th Ave NE, continued to live in the home until the end of October.  When she moved out, we began renovations.  Our Building Maintenance Supervisor, Carlos delCid, has been busy replacing the floors, installing drywall, and painting.  We had an electrician make updates to the wiring.  We replaced the stove and kitchen cabinets, and we did significant tree trimming and removal of brush and ivy.

After we complete repairs, we will advertise the home for rent.  In this 50th Anniversary year, it has been a wonderful experience to know that our membership believes in the future of Beth Shalom.  Because of your investment of time and money, you are ensuring that our Beth Shalom community will have room to grow. We are proud to be a vibrant, inclusive, and highly participatory Conservative congregation with programs that provide a rich variety of experience for our members.  We are also proud to have members like you, with the vision and conviction to prepare for Beth Shalom’s future needs.


Carol Benedick
Executive Director

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